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Company Profile

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Our company, located at National Road 107, West Outer Ring Road, Baoding City, Hebei Province, is about 110km away from Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang, with easy access to transportation and excellent external natural environment and economic conditions, which is suitable for the business growth and development. 
Founded in 2008, our company now has 90 employees, including 35 persons with senior and intermediate title, and has marketing department, supply department, production department and product R&D center. 
Our company, adheres to the philosophy of doing things first, operates business carefully and sticks to the enterprise spirit of quality first, technology priority and great after-sales service, thereby becoming a little famous newly-rising company in the industry in just 10 years. 
With the consistent market-oriented purpose of enterprise development, our company, according to the vigorous development of the plastic roller market over the past two years, has timely developed and launched high-polymer carrier roller CNC hole turning machine, which has been successfully used by some listed companies such as Yanzhou Mining Co., Ltd., creating a good performance for the company and winning the praise of customers.